Client Stories

Janeah’s Story

Janeah has grown up around building sites and loves working with her husband in his tiling business. She spends her weekends sunbaking while watching her son play cricket and soccer.

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Mark’s Story

Mark started his career as a Motor Mechanic and has turned his hand to many trades; plastics, glazing, woodwork, locksmith and handyman. He loves making his wife laugh.

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Warrick’s Story

Warrick is a business coach who gets a great deal of satisfaction helping people meet there business goals. One of his biggest passions in life is time with the family out doors, specifically going bush walking with his young daughter. When he’s not spending time with his family Warrick likes to go dirt bike riding and listening to music and is a self-professed “Audiophile”.

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Natalie’s Story

Natalie a loyal and hardworking person has been a Practice Manager for Accountancy firms for the last 8 years. She loves living on the Gold Coast and the openness and honesty of her team at Sapphire Accountants. What gives her great pleasure in her work is the ability to try, test and measure new ideas in the business and see it work well and be a success.

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Christie’s Story

Christie is a Massage Therapist who built her own business from the ground up. She’s a passionate and caring person who loves looking after her two Border Collie puppies, Jersey and Diesel. Being a big nutrition and exercise fan, Christie is always happy to share her favourite healthy recipe or exercise tips.

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Jo’s Story

Jo is a retiree who is certainly making the most out of her retirement! She divides her time between two local gardening clubs, keeping fit at the gym, and going travelling (most recently visiting Morroco, Monte Carlo and France). Originally from New Zealand she now calls the Sunshine Coast home and has family in the United States and Australia.

Steven’s Story

Steven or “Skip” as he is affectionately called by those who know him, works as a Business Development Manager for his family business. Never one for sitting down at a desk, he’s got a huge appreciation for the outdoors away from the hustle and bustle so it’s no surprise he loves going  camping and boating with his family. Skip works in a business started by his mother and father over 20 years ago, and now runs the company with his father and brother.

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Greg’s Story

Greg is an Accountant who has built his own practice on the Gold Coast, married with his first child and another on its way. Here he talks about what he enjoys in his business and managing his work/life balance.

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Jo’s Story

Jo and her husband left England to start a new life on the Sunshine Coast in 2003 and are absolutely loving the change. While Karl was able to find employment relatively quickly, Jo despite her qualifications and experience took a little longer and had to work hard finding suitable employment. Having been employees for a number of years Jo and Karl then went out on their own and built their business SVS Autocare from scratch. It’s taken a lot of dedication, long hours and hard work but the couple are now enjoying the rewards of their efforts from the success of their business.

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