Jo’s Claim Story

Jo relates her experience when her husband Karl, suffered a broken shoulder and how it impacted his Automotive Mechanic business. She goes on to say how we were able to help her throughout this difficult time as well assist with her own insurance which she felt was mishandled by a previous adviser.

Warrick’s Claim Story

Warrick shares his experience with his claim, and the difference having insurance made for him. Suffering a broken ankle from coming falling off his dirt bike Warrick was able to make a claim under his Income Protection, which helped him get the type of treatment he wanted and not rush his return to work.

Lisa’s Claim Story

Lisa tells us of how she came down with a rather nasty auto-immune syndrome, and how this stopped her from being able to work for several months. She shares how Maria was able to help organise a claim for her insurance and how helpful and friendly she was during the entire process, and explains the difference having insurance made to her.

What others have said

Maria’s service in relation to my claim was excellent. Her deep knowledge of the process and provision of up-to-date information as needed, and her compassionate approach to me as client provided just the right support during a time of crisis. She provided the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth.Peter

I think it was fair to say that, even as a business professional, the thought of completing an insurance claim form and the prospect of dealing with an insurance company, filled me with dread.
However, Maria Longland, was very patient and supportive at every stage of the process – from taking my initial enquiry call to completing the claim form to lodging and managing the claim process – including advocating the claim on my behalf. The end result was a payment well above my initial expectation – and a far less complicated/ stressful claims process than first imagined.
I’ve always understood Tim van Doore operated a very professional practice but, following this experience, I have the highest regard for Maria, Tim and his team at Stream Financial. Thank you Maria.

I recently made a claim against my Income protection. Maria emailed me the claim forms as soon as she was aware of my condition. After the Dr completing his part of the claim form ( which was on 22nd Nov) and I completing my forms ,they were then emailed to Maria on Tuesday the 24 November 2014 . Much to my surprise Maria rang me this morning 28 Nov to advise that the claim had been accepted and paid. She was in constant contact with the Insurance company during the process. I thoroughly recommend Maria to look after any claims that may arise in the future.

I would also like to recommend the whole team at Stream Financial to look after all your Risk Insurance needs.

Well done Maria & the team .

2 partial claims June 2015

Once again I would like to thank Maria for her excellent service with my recent claims. Maria assisted me in completing the forms correctly .She kept me up to date on where the claims were up to and followed through until the claims were approved.

I have no hesitation in recommending Maria to look after you during the claims process.

Again , thank you Maria and the Team at Stream Financial. – Ken