27 Aug 2014 | News

Inspiration Vs Motivation: How to get there!

I don’t know about you, but over the past couple of rainy weekends I have found it very hard to be motivated. In search of inspiration I found an article that has helped me get off the lounge on a rainy day and get out and make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen for me.

There’s no doubt that everyone wants to be motivated, motivational courses have been booming for decades with increasing popularity. Why might that be? It’s easy to feel unmotivated with increasing pressures such as stress, pressure, economic insecurity and overwork playing a larger factor in people’s lives. So how do you overcome these elements?

The article broke it down into two kinds of answers, external motivators and internal motivators. External motivators involve changing the conditions surrounding your work and life. Things like money, promotions, new office, access to exercise facilities or child care are all examples of external motivators. Internal or psychological motivators are often stereotyped as being the big high-powered speeches delivered by motivational courses or a coach right before a big game. While these provide jolt of enthusiasm… it usually wears off and usually sooner rather than later. A good internal motivator will last much longer, and can even effectively prevent burn-out.

Some motivators that can apply to your working life that the article suggested and I found interesting:

·         Having your work be noticed and appreciated.

·         Setting long-term goals that lead to satisfying results.

·         Doing work that you are passionate about.

·         Open communications between workers and managers.

·         Feeling that you have job security.

·          Mastering a skill

These were all interesting and useful tips to add into any type of business, and a lot we use here at Stream Financial, but where the article went next really grabbed my attention. It then spoke about inspiration, which in the field of motivation is considered the best motivator of all. This is because when people are inspired, they are willing to undergo trials, setbacks, and discomforts because they have such a strong belief in what they’re doing. Aspiration gives them endurance, courage, and the ability to overcome hardships.

To be motivated by inspiration involves the following:

·         Have a role model or hero.

·         Believe in higher values like courage and altruism.

·         Find an inspiring mentor.

·         Shift your allegiance to a higher power that represents your vision of human destiny.

But the greatest impact of inspiration is always personal. It comes down to one person at a time wanting to aspire to something greater than themselves. In the end, the wide range of psychological and spiritual motivations gives you many possibilities to explore endless opportunities.

So how about it, are you inspired?

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