Lessons I Learnt From My Pet Baboon

I prefer short stories, hence the reason that I will not write about how I came about to have a pet baboon.  It is however true, I had a baboon as a pet, and there is a photograph at the end of the article to prove it.

Thinking about the baboon made me realise that there were lessons that I learnt from him.  This in itself is a lesson – we can learn from other people irrelevant to their status in life!


Lesson 1 – Anyone can be your friend!

This baby baboon was separated from his troop when we found him and took him back to the farm house.  There is no doubt that his parents and the elders in the troop would have warned him of the dangers of the untrustworthy homo sapiens!  Yet he overcame all this and took us to be his friends.  All it took was him being able to look past his brain washing.  His attitude determined who he would befriend.


Lesson 2 – You can adapt to anything!

If you think that you have had changes in your life, imagine the change that happened to this little guy.  He had lost everything that he knew and put into a world that was completely different.  Instead of being the victim, he made up his mind to adapt to his circumstances and make the most of his current situation.


Lesson 3 – Not all dogs bite!

Ranger was our dog.  He had chased baboons for years and they had run away from him for years.  I guess they were scared that he would bite them.  In the end they would sit in the same room as each other and neither of them hurt the other.  In fact they become friends.  Sometimes we are scared of things that will not happen.  Someone who we thought would bite us becomes a friend.

Thank you baboon for coming into my life, spending time with me and making me laugh.    I appreciate the lessons you taught me.