31 Jan 2016 | News

Making a Corporate Tagline

We thought we were almost finished. The entire team, all 10 of us, not only understood the difference between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement, but we had agreed on one of each.

Mission Statement:

To serve by inspiring and supporting lasting success

Vision Statement:

Potential realised. For all.

We also agreed on the following Core Values:

  • Caring
  • Relentless
  • Analytical (Logical)
  • Principled
  • Passionate
  • Inspirational

One final task…the tagline.

One final task remained. We just had to agree on a phrase to fit under the company logo on our business cards. It was just a few words to summarise our new mission for our clients. We were expanding our service offering from insurance only, to include comprehensive wealth advice. How difficult could it be?

It was quite difficult, indeed. We were trying to move from our utilitarian existing tagline- “Professional Insurance Specialists”- to something more inspirational. We had to walk that fine line between boring and over-exuberant. We wanted to stand out. But for the right reasons. We wanted to communicate our pride in our corporate DNA and confidence in our future direction. We wanted to communicate to our clients who we are.

Our Corporate DNA

Stream Financial was started by one man, Tim van Doore. The company has grown to 11, but we’ve retained Tim’s uncompromising focus on client needs. We always look for the best solution for our clients. We have handled over 70 claims in the past two years, many for other advisers’ clients. Our clients are on a firm financial foundation, but now we want to help them build a beautiful castle. One brick at a time.

The Process

Over a month we managed to reduce the list of candidate taglines from around fifty to less than ten. We had full and frank exchanges of opinion in meetings and via Slack (a great free app).

The finalists were:

  • Making more possible
  • Inspired Futures
  • Inspire future success
  • Making More Possible
  • Achieving more
  • Our Purpose. Your future.
  • Supporting your Success
  • It’s personal

The Benefits of the process

Apart from affirming our identity this has also been a great team building exercise. Tim steadfastly resisted the temptation to make the final decision, unilaterally. It’s been a group decision all the way. We have many different personality types in our cozy office, and four newbies. Thanks to the democratic decision-making process, we’ve all had our say and we’ve all bought in to why we do what we do. Not only do we have a new tagline, but also a sense of shared purpose.

The Result

After much deliberation. The winner is…Shidoni.

(Please don’t hesitate to send in your comments/feedback.)

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