I have always had a very soft spot for animals.  Probably because they can’t speak up for themselves and they tend to trust easily.


That could be why I enjoy what I do so much.  I feel it relates closely with my love for animals and why I regularly help out at a local animal shelter.  Our clients are just as trusting with their future plans and need the same patience and care to guide them to happiness – in this case, their financial happiness.  And I can help our team to achieve that.

Coming from South Africa, it being such a multi-cultural kaleidoscope of people, I’ve learnt how versatile people are and how everyone’s needs are different and unique to their own situation.  My whole working career, I have been involved in insurance in some form or another.  I have always preferred being involved in the admin side of things, working on the small details.  I am not the one to guide clients in the right direction for their financial planning, I leave that to our clever advisers!  I need to be the one behind the scenes keeping the cogs in the machine turning.