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Di Scott


The journey that I take with my clients through the life they are building is a privilege. I am your adviser, your cheerleader and your support person.

I find joy in the act of helping others. Growing up as the eldest of four children, it was a “job” that came naturally to me in the home.

As an adult, my passion has transformed into assisting people not only achieve their goals but to smash them!

One thing I have discovered over the years, is majority of the community have not ever sat down and uncovered their personal goals. In some circumstances, I have seen that even in couples, each member or the couple is unaware of the others wishes and dreams. I enjoy spending quality time with my clients uncovering these goals and what they truly mean. Watching people blossom during this time is wonderful. I encourage you to talk through what you want from your life, beyond your current circumstances.

Once these are articulated, we then have the foundation to move forward. Nothing gives me more joy than to see my clients hit those big milestones… paying off the home, retiring from the workforce, travelling to their dream destinations.


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