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July, 2012
Personal Injury & Income Protection Insurance Claim

Warwick’s Claim Story

Warwick suffered a broken ankle after an accident from riding his dirt bike. While still being able to perform some of his lighter duties the break meant that other tasks impeded his work and slowed the healing, Stream was able to make a claim on his income protection insurance which gave Warwick the time he needed to recover properly and also granted him access to better quality rehab and care.

Warwick got back to doing what he enjoys quicker and has the protection needed to ensure a full recovery without having to rush his to return to work.

A smoother, quicker recovery and the time to heal.

“I was able to go straight to the private hospital, get all the physio that I wanted and the rehab I needed and actually get back on my feet, so much quicker…  It was less than 48hrs and the money itself appeared in my bank account, from the time I phoned the guys at Stream. I don’t even think I filled out any paperwork… It was one of those experiences where it was like ‘wow’ did I just get that good of an experience?”

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