Zak RoffClient Services Officer

I am an adventurous, goal driven person who enjoys sparking the light bulb moment in people when they realize the amount of different ways we can take control of our finances in order to unlock a new level of freedom and prosperity in life.

I have always enjoyed working with numbers and learning about business, finance and economics which ultimately led me to studying a Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning.

I had a great childhood growing up on farms, riding motorbikes, fishing and all the other things you have to do in those places. In my spare time you’ll find me at the beach surfing, out fishing for the day, setting up a camp for the weekend or if the weather is not so favourable I’ll be out having some drinks and food with friends.

I feel extremely lucky to have found myself working in a job where I can utilise my financial skills and combine them with my people skills in order to improve the lives of others.

We believe that it is necessary for each individual to be empowered to make the best possible decisions

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