Stream Advisory Group

We are proud to announce that Stream Financial has recently broadened its services to include business advisory and accounting after the purchase of a local accounting firm.

There’s so much more to running a business than just numbers, but it’s the part that gets most of your focus. So often, business owners look only at their profit number. If it’s good, they have a drink. If it’s bad, they have a few drinks, but there’s so much more to it than that.

We often know what to do yet struggle to follow through. We know that it should work for us, however we can easily become the slaves to this thing we call our business. It takes a toll on our time and increases our stress, so why should we only ever focus on just the financial costs or associated benefits?

When people hear the word accounting they immediately think of numbers –  business activity statements (BAS), financials and tax returns, but our focus is far greater than that.

We look at the business itself to see why its generating the numbers in the first place, what purpose it serves, and whom it is serving. This is where we can really make a difference – adding some perspective to the broader purpose of being in business.  While we still carry out the typical compliance obligations to the highest level, our focus is to assist business owners to understand their numbers, suggest different ways of doing things, and help them follow through on what they know needs to be done.

The focus of truly understanding your business and the role it plays in your life is so important. We believe that if needed, we can work alongside your current tax accountant, and provide you with the greatest benefit, the utmost of professional assistance, and objective advice to move your business forward. Knowing where your business and personal aspirations intersect is what matters to us and making more possible for you is our primary goal.