13 May 2014 | News

The 3 Fundamentals of Networking

My love of Networking has increased dramatically since I moved to the Sunshine Coast and have met many fabulous people and  some lifelong connections through this very powerful meeting method.

Being one who always looks for ways to improve, I came across this article which gave “24 Networking tips that actually work”. The 3 tops ones that I have taken from James Clear to add to my box of Networking goodies are:

Don’t expect anything. The fact that you reached out and made contact with someone does not put them in your debt. No one is required to “pay you back.” Instead of approaching networking with the goal of gaining favours, try reaching out with curiosity. Contact interesting and relevant people and see what happens. Some of them will respond and some of them won’t. Learn about the people that follow up. Find out what makes them interesting and how you can help them — and don’t expect anything in return.

Go beyond your industry. Connect with people on a variety of levels from a wide range of areas. By growing your network outside of the usual areas you will be more valuable to people that are in your immediate industry. The people you work with have personalities and multiple interests, right? With a broad network you can be the person that connects people across industries.

Don’t take “No,” personally. Everyone is busy. For most people, it’s simply a matter of timing. If you catch them on a good day, then they will happily talk or meet with you. If they’re swamped, however, then a simple “No” might be all that you get. Don’t take it to heart. In most cases, it’s not a reflection of you or what you said.

I found a great response when discussing these tips with my work colleagues, especially those who didn’t think they did any networking!

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