Have you ever wondered what’s involved with making a personal insurance claim?

What can be one of the most daunting experiences of a lifetime for a claimant, is business as usual for our team of professionals.

When the unexpected happens, it’s comforting to know that you’re financially protected. At Stream Financial we believe that making a claim on your insurance should be as simple and stress free as possible and you don’t need to handle it all yourself.

When you need to make a claim and are not at the top of your game, you can feel compromised and vulnerable.  If you are unfamiliar with claims management and all the intricate nuances that can potentially be the fine line between success and loss, you could end up compromising your insurance benefit which can have a massive impact on your life moving forward.

That’s why we have an in-house claims team to ensure that you and your family get the best possible outcome.

Our team of professionals will guide you through what can be a tricky and unclear process, allowing you and your family to concentrate on the important things.

At a time when you are at your worst, it’s reassuring to know that you have a knowledgeable team on your side to help each step of the way.

Stream Financial Claims Process


Contact Us to begin the process


We’ll gather info from you and provide advice


Provide proof from your doctor to your insurer


Review documents and complete claim


We will lodge your claim and follow up potential benefits


We will advise you of the outcome from your insurer


Going through a significant illness or injury is difficult enough. We take care of all aspects of managing your insurance claim so you can focus on what matters – your recovery and your family.

This includes:

  • Managing the entire process for you, from initial claim notification to payment
  • Provide a single point of contact who represents your interests
  • Ensure you receive every benefit you deserve
  • Explain things in a way that is easy to understand
  • Liaise with your doctors, employer and accountant as needed
  • Advise on tax matters associated with your claim
  • Dispute management and resolution where required


Bec's Story

Bec was an employee of Stream Financial when at age 35 she was diagnosed with cancer. No-one can plan for events like the one Bec was about to experience, while we can hope that nothing like this will ever happen, it pays to be prepared for if it might.

Warwick's Story

Warrick shares his experience with his claim, and the difference having insurance made for him. Suffering a broken ankle from coming falling off his dirt bike Warrick was able to make a claim under his Income Protection, which helped him get the type of treatment he wanted and not rush his return to work.

Scott's Story

Scott shares his experience with his claim, and how insurance made a massive difference in her journey with Spondylolisthesis. Scott was diagnosed with debilitating back condition that made working no longer possible.

Jo's Story

Jo relates her experience when her husband Karl, suffered a broken shoulder and how it impacted his Automotive Mechanic business. She goes on to say how we were able to help her throughout this difficult time as well assist with her own insurance which she felt was mishandled by a previous adviser.

Janeah's Story

Janeah shares her cancer story and how it has affected her life now she is unable to continue in the job she loved. She also shares how Janis helped with her Claim and took all the pressure off, so she could focus on getting better.

Lisa's Story

Lisa tells us of how she came down with an auto-immune syndrome, and how this stopped her from being able to work for several months. She shares how Stream was able to help organise a claim for her insurance.



Working in the field of Financial Advice and specifically Risk Insurance Claims, has given me a whole new avenue for being able to help and assist people. At a time in life when all seems too hard, when the last thing you want to do is battle with your insurance or superannuation provider for income protection or a lump sum claim, I’m the person who can navigate this landscape for you with empathy, precision and care.


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