P-Plater protection is not another form of car insurance. It’s a policy that covers your son or daughter for accident-related traumas such as, paralysis, major head trauma, severe burns, coma and loss of limbs.


This cover is specifically targeted at the 18-25 age group because they have the greatest exposure to car accidents.

Every parent of a P-plater knows that terrible feeling of dread when their child drives off and the long wait until they are safely back in the driveway. P-plater protection is not car insurance, it pays for medical costs in the event of an accident. Of course, car insurance is important, but here at Stream Financial we believe that it is more important to protect your child. In the event of a major car accident, there is no delay in paying the claim. The money can then be used to provide for the best possible medical care and the fullest and fastest possible recovery for your child. You could purchase $200,000 of P-Plater protection for less than $10 a week.

P-plater protection also protects your teenager for serious accidents & injuries sustained at Schoolies in Australia or overseas.

Note from Brett Stephenson (Financial Planner at Stream Financial) & parent of Mountain Creek students:

I am passionate about making parents aware of this kind of insurance for two reasons-

  1. Because my sister was severely injured in a car accident. She received extensive head and spinal injuries requiring numerous surgical procedures. It took more than three years and close to $10,000 in legal fees to compel the third-party insurer to pay her claim. When I realised that P-plater protection would have paid out immediately I knew that I had to tell other parents.
  2. I am a parent of two daughters-a P-plater who graduated from Mountain Creek last year and another in Year 10. P-plater protection helps me sleep at night.