Your Living Legacy

A will passes on your possessions yet neglects the priceless


… being able to leave a gift for your family, to learn more about the memorable moments that make up your life

… providing your loved ones with cherished memories forever, and being able to hand them down to future generations

… a legacy of stories, memories, photos and messages, all professionally filmed. A unique footprint to leave from our time on earth

… capturing the life experiences which moulded you to become who you are today

We all have the potential to leave a living legacy.

Discover yours today!

What is ‘Your Living Legacy?’

‘Your Living Legacy’ is the story of your life, your memories and encounters, tales of times gone by. Filmed at a location of your choice, using a professional videographer, produced with you, and about you.

Created with shots of precious photos, documents and memorabilia to reflect your life and the amazing things that have made you the person you are today.

We find in life, it’s the regrets that impact us most. Why didn’t I ask my parents more questions? Questions about their life growing up, my grandparents, how did they meet, what mischief did they get up to? The list is endless…

In producing ‘Your Living Legacy’ you will gift your family, and future generations the ability to re-live your life, hear your voice again, hear you laugh, cry, see your quirky ways, watch your movements, as well as learn and understand new things about you that can be cherished forever.

You will receive ‘Your Living Legacy’ on both USB and Disc format, to hold in memorium to pass on to your family and maintain your heritage.

There is never a better time to start than right now, so please call and book a time for our producer to meet with you and discuss the next step.