Your Living Legacy FAQs

What is the purpose of ‘’Your Living Legacy’ Video?

In producing ‘Your Living Legacy’ you will gift your family, and future generations the ability to hearyour voice again, hear you laugh, cry, see your quirky ways, watch your movements, as well as learn and understand new things about you that can be cherished forever.

Why not do it myself?

Fantastic question – We find that there’s more to this than shooting a video. It’s an experiencewhich poses challenges to us all to distil 30, 40, 50 years of experiences into a 30-minute rendition of your life. Our experienced producer and videographer ensure a high-quality professional finish, with a fun and enjoyable time recalling the interesting and memorable aspects of your life and will ‘get it right and get it done on time’.

When should we start?

Like most things in life there is never a better time to start than right now.

Where do I start, and what do I need to do?

Once you decide to create a ‘your living legacy’ simply call or email us and we will assist you to with the process. We have a great ‘what comes next’ list which steps out everything you need to do.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for my loved one?

Yes, you certainly can.

What questions will you ask me?

At our initial meeting we will step through our questions and discuss the points in your life you would like to touch upon. We will assist all the way through and provide cue cards with the questions written in large type to remind you of the path you need to follow.

Do you help with deciding which questions I should use?

Absolutely, our list of questions is quite extensive, and we design your story line at our initial meeting. This ensures we touch on the most relevant experiences of your life and can exclude things that are not relevant.

Where will the initial meeting and filming take place?

The initial meeting can be held at your home, our offices, a phone or conferencing appointment or a venue of your choice. You should allow about an hour for this. Filming is best at your home, however a venue of your choice or our offices are also options.

How long does the Filming usually take?

Usually around 2 – 3 hours including set up and pack down. If you need a break during filming this is fine.

Can the Filming be done in 2 sittings?

We like to complete the filming in the one session to ensure continuity and consistency, however if you have specific requirements due to health or other reasons, please discuss this with your producer to tailor your package.

What if I’m camera shy and don’t know what to say?

Don’t stress, our producer and videographer are professionals and are great at making you feelrelaxed, just like chatting with a friend. This will be a fabulous experience – we get it 😊

I’m forgetful and will lose my train of thought!

All our questions are printed on cue cards in BIG TEXT to ensure you don’t lose your way.

What do I wear, and do I need Makeup?

Plain colours are best, avoid stripes, checks and dots as they can appear to move on film.

We want you to look natural, how your family would usually see you, however if you are looking for a more polished look, we do have a mobile hair and makeup artist who is happy to attend

(POA and dependant on availability).

What is the turnaround time?

Usually around 4 weeks from filming.

Can I add music?

You can, however we will need to ensure are not infringing on the artists royalty situation, so your choice will need to be checked and a waiver signed to ensure you are not using your film commercially, like sharing on Facebook or Instagram as this is not allowed by law.

What format will I receive my Video?

We provide ‘Your Living Legacy’ on 2 x USB’s and 2 x Disc’s.

Who owns the copyright?

Stream Financial t/as ‘Your Living Legacy’ is the creator of the product and therefore we own thecopyright for all the products we create, we supply a minimum of 2 copies of the final film.

The film is not permitted to be reproduced in any form by anyone other than ‘Your Living Legacy’

Do you keep a copy of my ‘Living Legacy’?

We do keep a copy of all your footage as well as the final edited version.

We are not legally responsible for the this copy but take great care and utilize “best practice” methods to ensure this Data is secure.

Can I update, add or edit the Film in later years?

Absolutely, if you would like to explore this option, then we ask that you speak to your producer so we can ensure all production files are kept and allow for future editing.

I’m interested in a Memory Book – what do you require?

All photo’s, clippings and memorabilia will need to be provided in digital format, with context and script.

We can provide a 6-week turnaround once your proof has been approved.

I have another Question?

Please email usany time or callbetween 9-5 Monday to Friday and we will be happy to answer any questions.