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Stability versus Freedom: The Transformation of Housing Preferences


The traditional image of a detached family house, complete with an expansive backyard for children’s playtime and an area for weekend barbecues, was once a beacon of societal success and security for those who owned it.

Is this aspiration now a relic, gathering dust in antique stores beside black-and-white TVs, typewriters, and corded phones, items that were once staples in these homes?

The Great Australian Dream – A Retrospective:

Post-World War II, Australia focused on reconstruction and envisioning its future.

Homeownership transcended basic shelter needs, symbolising family structure, career paths, and even influencing urban development. Suburban expansion was rampant, driven by this shared vision.

The Contemporary Australian – Evolving Ambitions:

Globalisation shrank the world, introducing Australians to varied lifestyles. Urban areas became hubs of diverse cultures and ideas.

The popularity of remote work, the appeal of freelance and gig economies, and the digital nomad lifestyle (#laptoplifestyle) have made the idea of settling in one place less attractive for many.

Preference shifted from property ownership to life experiences – enjoying a local jazz club, visiting a pop-up art show, or the freedom to spontaneously travel.

This trend sees more people choosing freedom over stability, opting to rent indefinitely, or invest rather than focusing on mortgage repayment.

This change is not merely a passing phase but a deliberate lifestyle choice for many. But what motivates this decision, and is it suitable for you?

Benefits of Indefinite Renting:

  • Adaptability and Movement: Renting’s primary benefit is its adaptability. Renters can easily relocate, be it across cities, neighbourhoods, or borders, suited for those with itinerant careers or a love for exploration.
  • Maintenance-Free Living: Homeowners face responsibilities like repairs and lawn care. Renters are generally exempt from these duties, typically falling to the landlord.
  • Financial Leeway: Without the obligation of a significant initial payment and ongoing mortgage, renters often enjoy greater disposable income, allowing for investments, travel, or other pursuits.

Drawbacks of Indefinite Renting:

  • No Asset Building: The major disadvantage of renting is the absence of asset accumulation. Unlike homeowners who build equity, renters don’t invest in a potentially appreciating asset.
  • Stability Concerns: Renting can mean uncertain long-term stability. Lease terminations, rent hikes, and the potential need for abrupt relocation are common concerns. This instability is particularly challenging in later years when mobility and flexibility might decrease.
  • Restrictions on Customisation: Renters face limitations in personalising their living spaces, a downside for those desiring a highly individualised home.

The choice between lifelong renting and homeownership is subjective, hinging on personal values, financial circumstances, and life objectives. Renting offers unmatched flexibility and freedom, while homeownership provides stability and a long-term investment.

Perhaps it’s premature to dismiss ‘The Great Australian Dream.’

While this aspiration remains relevant for many, it’s essential to acknowledge its competitors – new dreams influenced by contemporary values, ambitions, and global trends.

Neither is inherently better; they represent distinct routes to a shared endpoint – a life filled with satisfaction, happiness, and peace.

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