Business Expenses Insurance

Business Expenses provides a monthly payment, if you are sick or injured, for up to a year to help cover fixed business costs including; staff salaries, rent on your place of business or interest on borrowings.

Business expenses protection is specifically designed for small business. Without business expenses protection and income protection insurance, many small business owners would not be able to provide for their families or keep their business afloat if they were absent due to sickness or injury, even for a short time. Business expenses protection allows a small business owner to insure against loss due to sickness or injury, for the proportion of their gross income that normally meets the business’s regular operating expenses. These are expenses that must be paid whether the business generates revenue or not.

Business expenses insurance covers fixed costs such as:

  • A lease on office space or interest on a property loan.
  • Salaries and superannuation for employees who do not generate revenue.
  • Equipment leases
  • Accounting fees
  • Utility bills
  • Car lease payments
  • Insurance premiums and security costs
  • Costs of a doctor

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