11 Dec 2014 | News

10 Tips on how to overcome Presentation Anxiety

Are you terrified of actually having to stand up in front of a crowd of people, with all focus on you, Yes YOU and ONLY YOU. Then you’re not alone, I break out in a sweat and start to hyperventilate just when I hear the word PRESENTATION. Below are a few tip that might help you next time you are asked to do a presentation…

  1. Practice

The more you practice the presentation the more comfortable you become.  It’s like the old saying, ‘the more you do something the more you know how to do it’.

  1. Memorise the Beginning and the End

If you can memorise the beginning of your presentation, you know you will be off to a great start, and finishing your presentation strongly will help to leave your audience with a good impression.  Let’s face it how many people switch off in the middle of a presentation!

  1. Keep it simple

Keeping it simple makes it easy for you to remember your presentation. Use bullet points as a quick memory aid.

  1. Focus on the information

Use your notes to focus on the information to help prevent you getting sidetracked.  You can leave Q&A’s to  the end of your presentation.

  1. Breathe

Remember to breath! It may sound simple but when you are flustered, it is easy to start to hyperventilate.  Breath IN for 5 seconds and OUT for 5 seconds.

  1. Smile

Smiling increases your endorphins and make you feel better about yourself.  Smiling is also contagious and will help lighten the atmosphere.  Remember when you smile, the world smiles with you.

  1. Add a photo

By adding a photo that makes you feel happy, this will help put you in ease.  You can just pin one at the top of your presentation notes. Just looking at it will instantly make you feel better.

  1. Network before the Presentation

If you are presenting to an audience you do not know, then take the time to get to know your audience before your presentation, where possible.  This will allow you to pick out familiar faces in the crowd, putting yourself a little more at ease.

  1. Look at One Person at a Time

Don’t flick from one person to another, try to let you eyes connect with your audience.  Keep eye contact with one person for an entire sentence,  before moving on to another person.  During Q&A’s, when responding to a question, keep eye contact with that person.

    10. And finally, Be Yourself

Trying to be someone else will put more pressure of you in an already stressful situation. Relax and be yourself, and go with the flow.

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