18 Nov 2014 | News

A Testament to Samwise the Brave

I met someone for the first time this weekend. We got a long pretty well. So well that at the end of the dinner, we decided to shoot some hoops at a local park (this was beside the fact that it was 10:30PM).

We were shooting hoops and talking about various topics when we ended up discussing Lord of the Rings. This was where he made a comment, one that I had heard many times before.

“Sam is lame.”

Now this is an all too common take from the movie. That Sam is a weak character, who does very little.

It is a view point that is prevalent in society. We overlook the contributions of those who aren’t in the spotlight. We look past the people standing behind those we consider great. We don’t stop and consider that it is because of the Sam Gamgees of the world that the Frodos can achieve what they do.

Learn from Frodo, trying to carry the load by yourself is a recipe for failure. Allow others to help.

To those who are the Sams. Don’t give up. Stay steadfast and loyal. Your time will come.

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