A COVID world – seen through the eyes of insurers

In this episode Kristen Lennis-Harvey – (General Manager of Retail Distribution in AIA Australia) provides some insights around what is going on in the insurance world during these extraordinary times. Kristen talks about how COVID-19 has impacted life insurance and how it provides some analysis around the state of health of Australians. We all know lockdown has provided challenges around our physical activity and physical health, however we also consider the importance of mental health and how AIA are supporting people in this area. We discuss the benefits and challenges of working from home and where we think this may lead to in a future post COVID-19 world. We also consider what others are doing to avoid blending their work with personal life, how they get their energy levels up and avoid the pitfalls of feeling flat especially when their job requires motivating a team.

Direct Link: https://eastonwealth.wistia.com/medias/5v444welks