17 Sep 2014 | News

Are you ok?


Last week Lachlan and I produced a video for “Are you OK day”. This is a subject that is very close to my heart as people who I have known have suffered from the dreadful situation of feeling ‘there is no way out other than suicide’.  It breaks my heart every time I hear of another life closing down due to this dreadful condition.

In my line of work as an Insurance Adviser, I frequently come across clients who have been through depression and or anxiety, and recent research suggested that suicide exclusion periods for a policy should be increased to 3 years due to the high incidence of death by suicide in the first few years of holding an insurance policy!

Suicide is a community problem which requires a community response, and we all need to take responsibility and check on our mates/ family/acquaintances if we think there may be an issue.

Suicide remains the leading cause of deaths for Australian males aged 25-44 according to the Bureau of Statistics. This can be avoided, be aware to recognise the signs and take some affirmative action.

Coping strategies recommended by Suicide Prevention Australia include: sleep, talking with friends or family, talking to a psychologist or counselor, or ringing a crisis line such as LifeLine on 13 11 14.

If you think someone you know may be in trouble, please ask them – ‘ARE YOU OK?’


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