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Influential habits of the Rich and Successful  

Everything you do matters. Daily habits can make a big impact on your life. Big or small, simply modifying your behaviour over time could have a life changing effect. Research indicates that by simply changing your habits so that more than 50% of them reflect those of the rich and successful, you will be on your way to achieving your own riches and success.

The below table compares the habits of the rich and successful to those of the average person.


HabitRich & SuccessfulAverage Person
Rich and successful people keep their goals in sight all the time62%6%
They know what needs to be done81%19%
They do not watch TV67%23%
Read, not only for fun86%26%
They are into audio books63%5%
In the office they make a point if going above and beyond81%17%
Pin all their hopes and dreams on winning the lottery6%77%
Watch their waistlines57%5%
They take care of their smiles62%16%


Here are some tips on how the rich and successful implement these habits:


  • Focus on goals every day. Write them down and review regularly.  Break them down into achievable steps. Then take action and begin implementing.  Wishing and dreaming can be fun. But at the end of the day, without action, you will not move towards your goals and dreams.


  • Keep a daily to do list. Every day the rich and successful tend to complete more than 70% of their list.


  • Watch less than 1 hour of TV per day. The rich and successful generally do not think about watching TV. They make productive use of their time and tend to occupy themselves with other activities such as reading.


  • Rich and successful people love reading and tend to prefer non-fiction books on topics such as self improvement. The majority spend 30 minutes a day reading such books, implementing the strategies and reviewing the outcomes.


  • Listen to audio books while travelling to and from work. With today’s technology this is so easy to do. Download audio books and podcasts to your mobile, tablet or mp3. Then start listening.


  • They go above and beyond at work and do more than the job requires. While rich and successful people tend to work more hours (50+ per week), very few of them are unhappy because of work.


  • They very rarely play the lottery. The rich and wealthy set goals, aim high and take action. This does not mean they are playing it safe with their money. Most have placed everything on the line, betting on themselves and their future successes. They are not bullet proof and they do experience failures along the way. People like this are not afraid to take calculated risks, once they have completed their research.


  • Watch what they eat. They value their health and know its importance in maintaining their desired lifestyle. They also make time for exercise and relaxation. There is no point in achieving success and all it trappings if you are too sick or injured to enjoy it.


  • Brush and floss every day. They know first impressions count. Smiles are a big part of this.

Everything you do today counts for your tomorrow. Decide what is important to you, set goals and then take action to achieve it. Simple things such as changing your habits will go a long way towards achieving your success.

What habits did you display? Or maybe you’d like to make some improvements? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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