Christmas Break

With the holiday season almost upon us, we hope that you’re taking a well-deserved and safe break.

We also feel it’s important to make sure that you’re adequately covered at this time of year.

Did you know…emergency department visits increase by 9% over Christmas?


Research shows that Christmas is actually one of the most dangerous times of the year due to some of the following risks.

  •  Each year, countless Australians experience Christmas tree related injuries, usually while fixing lights and decorations.
  •  Australians are more likely to die in a house fire over Christmas than at any other time of year due to candles and oil burners.
  • Mistletoe contains toxic proteins that can slow the heart rate and can cause hallucinations when consumed.
  • Increased danger in the kitchen and at barbeques with the biggest meal of the year!

Our insurance policies can help take the financial stress out of an accident during the holiday season.

From the Team at Stream Financial we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.