Income Protection, Insurance Claim, Trauma

Bec’s claim story

After being diagnosed with cancer at 35, Bec was fortunate that her income protection cover allowed her to focus on her treatment.

As a former employee of Stream Financial, Bec was able to see first-hand the difference the right insurance can make. At age 35 she was diagnosed with cancer. No one can plan for events like the one Bec was about to experience, while we can hope that nothing like this will ever happen, it pays to be prepared for if it might.

That’s what insurance is all about, preparing for the worst. At Stream Financial we handle the details of a claim and ensure absolute peace of mind in what is often an already trying time.

Thanks to Bec’s Trauma and Income protection insurance, Stream Financial were able to quickly organise Bec’s ongoing financial situation during treatment and beyond.

Bec shares her experience with her claim, and how insurance made a massive difference in her journey with cancer. Bec was fortunate that her cover allowed her to focus on her treatment and get better knowing her finances were taken care of.

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