Income Protection, Insurance Claim

Jo and Carl’s claim story

When their income protection insurance claim was mishandled with another business, Jo and Carl turned to Stream Financial to help.

Jo and her husband left England to start a new life on the Sunshine Coast in 2003 and are absolutely loving the change. While Karl was able to find employment relatively quickly, Jo despite her qualifications and experience took a little longer and had to work hard finding suitable employment. Having been employees for a number of years Jo and Karl then went out on their own and built their business SVS Autocare from scratch. It’s taken a lot of dedication, long hours and hard work but the couple are now enjoying the rewards of their efforts from the success of their business.

After a cycling accident left Carl with a broken shoulder the business still needed to operate. Stream Financial was able to assist Jo and Carl to seamlessly get back to business without jeopardising any of their hard work.

Even though their insurance policy was mishandled with another business, Stream Financial was able to resolve all issues in a timely manner without any client hassles. Resulting in minimum disruptions so Jo and Karl could continue in their business without stress.

“We do have income protection, unfortunately, the income protection wasn’t taken out with Stream but with another provider, it was a good one, however, it wasn’t managed that well. We looked to Stream to helps us with our personal insurance. Stream was able to take over it [the claim] for Karl as a gesture of goodwill for us. It was unbelievable, particularly as the company where the claim was through wasn’t that great. Stream helped us navigate the procedure and made it easy.”

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