Some of the best moments in life are those we stumble across almost by chance, serendipitously. We chalk it up to good fortune discovering that small special place, when the odds are we would have been more comfortable staying at home or going to the usual spot down the road. It’s easy to explain away things as pure coincidence, when really the reason has everything to do with you.

The choice to go against the grain, and do things differently than how they’ve been done is an intrinsic characteristic that is within. Without that, you’d have given into that initial voice in the head saying “let’s just play it safe” or “it’s too hard” stifling any chance of discovery or growth.

Moving beyond the routine can be hard, but it’s in this space when we come across something special which we enjoy all the more. We should seize the moment because we recognise that the experience is worth any of the potential risks, and that usually there are plenty of reasons that make an opportunity seem less than ideal. However, often what’s worrying you, actually contributes to the experience.

So go to the beach on a rainy day, you’re going to get wet anyway. Go for that hike at night, let the full moon light your way. Go to that event where you don’t know anyone, you’ll only ever come out knowing more.

So open yourself up to discovery by asking yourself “why not?” If all you come back with are excuses, do it. You’ll find yourself looking from a perspective you wouldn’t have otherwise had, finding more dimension and richness to a world full of colour.