There are times in our lives where we know we have something to give. That we can help. That we can make something better. Whether it be in our work, or our relationships with others… we strive to give and assist.

But the difference that each of us can make, may fall on deaf ears. If the problem is not open to being solved, it doesn’t matter how good we are or pure our intentions. It won’t budge. This can be frustrating as it can feel like you’re holding a great gift waiting for someone to accept it.

It’s important not to force this “gift” on anyone. Knowing your heart is in the right place makes it easier to pretend that what you’re doing is for the best, but sometimes it can be likened to blowing on a flame hoping to give it more air only for it to blow out.

People have to be willing to accept help, and being frustrated or over eager does no good. Understand that there will need to be a right time and place. A gentle tap on the shoulder of an offer or reminder that you have something of value every now and then is for the best. Keep it up, and just maybe they’ll turn around and accept it.