6 Jun 2016 | News

I’m Sorry

From a young age, we’re taught to immediately say sorry if something bad happens. This was important to understand the consequences of our actions and show sincere apology for selfish actions or mistakes we would make in our youth. In our childhood these were usually for small things, not following instructions or perhaps taking a toy from a sibling, but as we got older saying sorry becomes almost like a gap to fill the silence after moment of self-awareness.

We tend to feel the need to apologise when someone goes out of their way to show an interest or care for us. As if they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, that we’re not worthy, and instead of an appreciation for what they’ve done it’s a guilt that we feel for allowing them to care for us.

The reality is that this is a gift. Something freely given, not some sort of obligation or burden. Hearing I’m sorry is not what the giving person wants to hear, instead it should be thank you.

Say thank you for your patience instead of sorry I’m so late. Appreciate them for listening, not apologising for rambling. Say thank you for appreciating me, rather than sorry I take up so much of your time.

Appreciate the others for what they’ve done, don’t apologise for simply existing.

Gratitude is stronger than sorrow. Don’t say sorry, if you want to say thank you. If we catch ourselves receiving something we feel we don’t deserve our initial reaction to say sorry, but the thing is… it wouldn’t have been given to us in the first place if we weren’t deserving from the others eyes.

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