Look up

I was hiking on a track enjoying some fresh air when I came to a rather steep hill. As with anything difficult I put my head down and focused on what was in front of me and got through the demanding part of the walk.

It wasn’t until afterwards, walking back the way I came down the hill that I noticed that I had missed a beautiful tree that formed an arch over the path. I had walked right under it unknowingly.

I didn’t look up.

Thinking about that moment I realised that this is common in a lot of things in life. In our work, relationships and anything we commit ourselves to. We can become so focused on what needs to be done or what’s in front of us, that we don’t appreciate what’s around us. Missing opportunities for knowledge, wonderment, and beauty.

Don’t forget to look up, being focused isn’t a bad thing, but don’t be blinded to what surrounds you. Celebrate and recognise success along the way.