8 Jul 2021 | News

Stream proudly support Forget Me Not

Stream Financial – Sunshine Coast Financial Planning

Our awesome team at Stream have proudly donated the proceeds from ‘Casual Dress Day’ to Forget Me Not Australia Limited for the Rescue Crew who support children to rejoin their families.

Where does the money go?

Alisha’s grandmother said it was as if gold had been laid at her feet when Forget Me Not reunited their family after 8 years of separation.

Highly skilled teams trek to the farthest rural and remote communities, searching high and low for the bloodlines of children stolen from their families. However you couch the process, children continue to be removed from their families under the false pretenses of receiving the ‘golden opportunity’ of an education with the ‘platinum promise’ they’ll return home and liberate their families and communities.

The Forget Me Not Team build trusting relationships with each ‘rescued’ child, so they feel safe and supported throughout the entire rescue and reunification process. As they uncover information from the child’s own memories of their homes and families and scour official records, they begin tracing the families in villages throughout Nepal.

Shakti Ghar (House of Power) is our transition home for children in the process of reintegration. The children staying here are safe and secure in a loving environment. They are provided with excellent education, medical care, psychosocial support, nutritious food, and attentive and dedicated caretakers.

They never, ever give up searching for families for these children, because every child matters.

Once they locate the families, they begin the process of reconnection. Before first introduction they talk with the family to better understand the original reasons why the child was displaced. Once they are confident that the reconnection will not put the child at risk, they facilitate the child meeting their family.

They are very careful to ensure the safety of the child each step of the way. After this initial meeting, the families begin to rebuild their relationships through phone calls and visits. A series of assessments are conducted over time to analyse the optimal case management for each child – whether that is full reunification, kinship care or another alternative.

The Forget Me Not  support families to raise their children to be thriving, vibrant and connected to family, community and opportunity.

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