Goodbye always makes my throat hurt

I really dislike saying goodbye. I don’t like the feeling of seeing someone leave, and not knowing when I’ll see that person I care about again.

Maybe, I don’t like change. Maybe, it’s just my sense of loyalty. Or maybe it’s something else.

But I feel like I’m not alone in this.

It’s in situations when you don’t know if or when you’ll meet again that goodbyes become extended, reflective affairs. The realisation that “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” suddenly hits home and we hold tight, clinging to our last moments with those special enough to be whom we love and care about.

While as much as we would prefer to avoid these situations by undoing the change, avoiding the feelings of longing, sadness and perhaps regret. We shouldn’t. The very fact that saying goodbye is so hard actually means we’re incredibly fortunate to have people that mean so much to us in the first place.

But just because you are saying goodbye doesn’t mean that they are lost. Give them a call, write a letter or send a message via your preferred social media. Or failing that, think of them and the time you shared together, in some ways that is the most meaningful.

So celebrate the relationships you have. Cherish those special in the present moment. Don’t be disheartened when people leave. These are the cures to a sore throat.