Jul 29, 2022 | Blog

Is it time to update your Will?


Adequate estate planning ensures that when we die, our assets can be passed promptly and tax-effectively to the people we love or the charities we support.

If you were to pass away without having updated your Will to reflect your intentions, your children, family members, spouse or partner may not receive the protection you would have desired. The process of finalising your estate without a Will becomes complicated, costly and time-consuming.

As life changes, your Will should be updated to reflect those changes.

Many events may trigger a need to review your Will, such as:

  • Marriage or entering a de-facto relationship;
  • Divorce;
  • Changes in the family such as births and deaths;
  • Adult children entering or leaving marriages or de-facto arrangements;
  • Death of a person who plays a key part in the estate plan such as the executor.

Think about your affairs and ask yourself, is it time to update my Will?

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