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Your Inner Investor

There is more to investing than finding the ‘right’ strategy, making an investment and following a plan. Being aware of how you think, why you react in certain ways and what biases or beliefs you might have will increase your skills as investor. Not controlling the emotions you might experience such as fear, greed, pride,…

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Building A Brand

A products branding often becomes synomonous with the product itself, if I were to describe a tick with the slogan “Just Do It”, who would you think of? Or a big yellow M, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? The word “brand” derives from Old Norse “brandr” meaning “to burn” – recalling the practice…

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Why you should forget the past!

In his book “The Art of Thinking Clearly”, Rolf Dobelli talks about the “Sunken Cost Fallacy”.  This is where people keep on with a particular path of action for no other reason than the amount of time or money that they had already sunk into the path of action.  People do this as they feel…

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The Lesson From The Man With One Shoe

A man walks into shop wearing one shoe. The shop owner asks, ‘Lose one?’ Man answers, ‘No mate – found one!’ From one simple scene it is amazing the difference between the 2 men’s points of view. First there is the shop owner’s view:- ‘Lose one?’  The shop owners looks upon the world and sees…

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7 Terrific Tips to Take Control

I wanted to talk about individual responsibility this week as it’s something that’s quite important to me. With the way the world works at the moment it’s a little too easy to always push the blame away from yourself and onto anyone or anything else. There are some great examples of this that have been…

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How Blogging Helped Me With My Cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer in October last year at age 31. It was obviously a very difficult time and I thought it would be important to try to tell those I knew what was happening. I called some people, emailed others, and suggested that they also put the news “out there”. I was diagnosed…

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