27 May 2021 | News

Shit that I need to think about now that I’m older

The other day I went for a general check-up and the doctor said among other usual tests, ‘cholesterol, blood pressure, iron etc’ we had better check your prostrate (something an early 40ish year old male just gives a blank look too!).

The doctor said ‘ well you are in your 40’s now’ – and this got me thinking…

It made me wonder what else am I not considering that should be front of mind?

Am I on track to paying off my mortgage by the time I retire and am I doing it in the most efficient way?

Will I have enough to retire on by the time I reach 65 and again could I be doing this better or retire earlier?

Are my personal insurance levels appropriate for my situation and could I be saving more as I often feel I have less money than I should?

We resist looking at the important things and having the hard conversations in life out of fear, shame, or embarrassment – yet who pays the price for this in the end – ME!

Like doctors – we at Stream Financial have seen it all – there is no shame or embarrassment, just friendly proactive assistance to help you achieve your life goals on the simplest possible path.

Let’s have those conversations, you may just be pleasantly surprised…

Conrad Voss – Head of Business Development and Advice

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