16 Mar 2018 | News

Tim Thinks

We know we need to act for change to occur.

We keep kidding ourselves into believing maybe we need more information, we don’t know what to do next, or don’t think it will work.

The reality is we do know deep down inside what our options are:

  1. Option A – is the best thing (probably the hardest);
  2. Option B – is the second best (probably the second hardest);
  3. Option C – the worst thing, but usually the easiest thing to do….nothing

We know we need to act, yet ‘nothing’ is the step that continues to be taken.

Why does this daily contradiction occur?

It’s because we like to convince ourselves that by thinking, or learning about it, instead of taking a step, is far better than doing nothing; or perhaps if we outsource the responsibility to someone else, we can justify this action by making the excuse: “It’s the other person who is doing nothing, not me”

Strangely by doing this, ‘nothing’ remains the norm.

The bridge between knowledge and change is action. Change is hard as we know… but if we wait for others to do the hard thing ‘Option A’, one of two things will happen:

  1. Nothing
  2. They will do it

But there are problems with both outcomes. The first is self-evident, but the second outcome can also be worse than the first.

If someone else does something that you should have done yourself, it is a one-off and you will likely come up against a similar challenge in the future. It’s the other person who received the real benefit from doing the task and learning through the process. They will be stronger, not you. Next time the same action is needed, you will be weaker than you could have been if you had done it yourself.

The lesson to learn: be the changer!

Adaptability and teach-ability are paramount – learn to embrace the fear of change. Make it an exciting flavour of fear, not a crippling one.

If you expect the world to change around you, you’re either a fool or a king. And even if you’re a king, you’re a foolish one.

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