26 Nov 2015 | News

Trust in yourself that you will always be ok

It’s hard to let go when there’s so much emotion and hard work that has been invested into an idea, a relationship or a job. We’re told to live in the moment, but sometimes that only blinds us of our future and the path that the present is leading us down. If you look at something with rose-tinted glasses, all the red flags just look like flags. Often it takes an external force for something to disrupt us, to wake us up and see what it is that we’ve actually got.

I think part of the difficulty in letting go is the admitting of defeat, that you’re no longer tied to your collective efforts and emotions that have been invested. That it was a waste. That no good has come from it.

Rarely is that the case, that’s just the fear of failure and a twisted sense of pride rearing their heads in different ways.

There is good in almost every situation. And as hard as it may be to find it, and even harder to believe it. It’ll be there, and it’s up to you to make the most with it. You can either grow or contract.

Which pathway you go down is up to your mindset and attitude. Do you grow, learn from the experience and move on? Or do you contract, by refusing to let go and letting negative thoughts consume you and fail to progress? The choice I believe can be a conscious one for most, it’s realising that there’s the opportunity for control which is the first hurdle.

Trust in yourself that you will always be ok.  We have all been through tough times before and we have made it through every one of them. If you are in a tough time now, this too will pass. Don’t let an event define you as a person, life is just a series of lessons and experiences. Be open and receptive to the idea of a silver lining.

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