Insurance cover is the foundation of any financial plan, providing the safety net for you and your family. In our experience, there is a range of considerations to address in order to make sure that the right money is in the right hands at the time you need it most – when your ability to earn an income is interrupted, either temporarily or permanently.

Personal Insurance

Insurance can provide a cost-effective method of providing personal wealth protection and can help you protect your family and yourself if you die prematurely or suffer illness, medical crisis or injury.

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Business Insurance

Would your business be able to maintain its revenues and profits if one of its key people died or couldn’t work for an extended period due to a serious illness or accident?


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At Stream Financial we want to help.  We are happy to make a time that suits you either at our office, on the phone or at your home. It is vital when discussing personal risk protection that we understand of all your financial and personal responsibilities.

If you are referred to us there is no cost for our consultation – all of our advice is free of charge. No conditions apply and there are no catches. We will provide you with insurance quotes, recommendations and advice.

Insurance advisors get paid a commission by the insurance companies whose policies we prepare for you. Utilising the services of a broker does not represent an additional premium to you.

Interestingly enough, often when you deal directly with the insurance company you can end up paying more than if you used a broker to place the business of your behalf.

As part of our process, we cover the following areas:

  • Review your current situation
    What insurance do you already have and what does it do? What risks do you face and are they covered?

  • Consider types and amount of insurance you need
    What is the right amount of insurance for you and your family? What types of insurance will address your risks?

  • Check the fine print about terms and conditions
    Waiting periods, benefit periods and definitions What is right for you?


  • Consider structures and tax
    Should cover be held inside or outside of superannuation?

  • Explore best premium payment options
    Should you consider level or stepped premiums? 


  • Find competitive rate
    Where can we get a reasonable price for this type of cover?