COVID-19 Updates

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Steadying the ship after a Covid Tsunami

What an interesting year it has been! Lockdown has been the underlying theme and all of us have been impacted in one way or another! In this session we look at where interest rates are heading both here in Australia and also globally as we exit lockdown. We look at the reserve banks perspective as…

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Are we inflating the bubble or pumping the tyres?

Emmanuel Calligeris (Chairman of Investment Committee) to provides an update from an economic perspective especially discussion around interest rates remaining low, the impact of these interest rates and some of the bond issues that will possibly involve a move to some inflation. A great session and provides a good understanding for what to expect in…

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Rising from the depths of recession! How will we handle the way out?

Whether its interest rates, US elections, Chinese – Australian relations or just plain old company performance, Emmanuel Calligeris provides an important summary of where to from here as we move out of the recession. Direct Link:

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Property: -10% to 10%! How did the banks get it so wrong?

Everyone likes to talk property with as many people saying its going up as there are saying its going down. Here from one of the key property researchers Dominic Cavagnino from Binnari who will provide some great insights into why it doesn’t matter in Australia with a multiplicity of property markets! Direct Link:  

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Constructing and managing client portfolios in these extraordinary times

In this video, Malcolm shared his insights of stock valuations in different sectors and industries, ranging from material and energy to travel, banking and healthcare. Emmanuel and Malcolm also discussed the many risk events in a market that is still dominant with uncertainties around economic recovery and geopolitical conflicts and how they will manifest themselves…

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Platforms : removing the invisible cost of financial administration

Episode #9 of Ground Control features Andrew Alcock, the Managing Director of Hub24. As one of the ‘challengers’ to the old platform industry, Andrew describes Hub24’s vision in boosting administrative efficiency for advisers and bringing simplicity to clients along with the one stop shop approach to their investments. COVID-19 continues to have an impact in…

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