Janeah’s Insurance Claim Story

Janeah shares her cancer story and how it has affected her life now she is unable to continue in the job she loved. She also shares how Janis helped with her Insurance Claim and took all the pressure off, so she could focus on getting better.


Janis did everything she could possible do, she was amazing. I was informed if not twice a week, once a week. She knew everything that was going on and if she didn’t like something, she would be on the phone to that person to figure it out. It was just like I was talking to a mate so it wasn’t like I was talking to someone  who had to do it, she wanted to do it for me and she did everything she could and I now I have a friend out to it.

I wouldn’t have been able to do it; I wouldn’t have known what to do so having her guidance was amazing. Having her do it took the pressure off me and I could concentrate on myself and getting better. So, I would rather her do it, it’s her job and she does it very well. Having Janis do it was 100% the right thing.

We got our insurance through Lachlan he advised myself and my husband what to do and what to get and best options for us. And the best part is he came to us at our house. It was just all so easy and again cause it their job and they know what they are doing and I wouldn’t know where to start and that why I went to Lachlan and he put me on to Janis so it a team effort really and I couldn’t have done it without them.