Mark’s Claim Story

Mark shares his story about when he suffered a stroke and how this changed his life. He also talks about how Stream Financial were able to help him with his claim so he could focus on the road to recovery.


Janis and Conrad came out to the Stroke foundation and I took note of what they said and told my wife we need to check out insurances. I didn’t have that much Super but if there is anything there than I will need it. I rang Janis and she came round and collected up all the policies and it was something that I couldn’t have done it and I wouldn’t know what to look for so to me that was just fantastic. Someone who knew what they were doing could look at it and weren’t really expecting anything and we just thought lets just find out. And she same back and gave us “hopefully” good news. She chased it up and she was very tenacious with them and got everything that she promised and I was very thankful.