23 May 2014 | News

Simple, but not necessarily easy

Just because something seems simple, does not mean it is easy. Take for example getting fit. Simple – yes. Undertake regular exercise and you get fit. But how easy is it. The first few weeks you approach your fitness regime with vigour and excitement. Then comes the morning when you consider staying snuggled up in bed. Eventually you give in to laziness and the bed wins. Slowly your fitness regime disappears until it is no more. It started as a simple goal of getting fit, however, the challenge of sticking to it was not easy.

Building wealth is the same. It is simple, but not necessarily easy to achieve and maintain. Most would say all you need to do is save money – WRONG. Saving is what you do for a holiday, new golf clubs, car or washing machine. Investing is what you need to do to build wealth. The misconception we have is that you need to be wealthy to invest. In fact it is really the other way around. You need to invest to be wealthy.

Now to achieve anything in life, it is really important that you:

1)      Plan for it

2)      Break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks

3)      Then complete each task

This will put you on the path to achieving your goal. If you just set a goal and don’t break it down in to manageable tasks, it will seem all too hard and you won’t achieve your goal. That is why taking the time to write down your goals and planning how you will achieve them is important. This time is well spent as it helps to ensure your future success.

When it comes to building wealth, by simply getting started, even with a small regular investment plan, over time you will see your nest egg grow. Then you will be able to invest in other strategies and together they will accelerate your wealth building. So what’s stopping you from getting started on your pathway to wealth?

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