28 May 2014 | News

The 3 Steps to Finding Your Passion

This week I wanted to explore how to find your passion.  Here at Stream Financial we all seem to have 1 thing in common, we are all passionate about helping people – whether it be getting them the best possible insurance for themselves and their families, by helping them plan for their financial future, or just by providing excellent customer service.

During my research on “Finding your passion” I came across a great website that helped me answer some questions I had and I hope you find it interesting too. According to the article there are 3 methods to use in the search for your passion:

1.        Brainstorm


– Think about what you love to do

Ask yourself “what are my goals?”, “what do I do most of the time?” and my personal favourite, “if I could do one thing for the rest of my life what would it be?”.

– Think about what you have always dreamed of

What is the 1 thing you have always dreamed of doing but never got to do? It’s a scary question, but it’s important to be honest with yourself. The scary questions are often the most important!

– Create a game plan

Once you have written down your answers you will have a better idea of the type of things that interest you. It’s now time to get to work and create a plan for following your passion.

2.        Use your interests to your advantage


– Rekindle a childhood passion

Look back at your youth and rekindle a childhood passion – but be realistic!! Being a mermaid or wizard mightn’t be possible, but if you think about what you liked about those characters, maybe you’re passionate about animals or stories.

– Combine your talents

Maybe you have more than one talent that meshes well with another. 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 2!

– Do the thing you’ve always dreamed about

No matter how gutsy or impractical that thing may be, you should work hard to make your dream a reality.

3.        Try new things


– Try a new sport                                   

This new sport could be your new passion and also provide you with exercise and a new outlook. There’s no drawbacks for exercise!

– Explore your artistic side

You may have a wonderful artistic talent without even knowing it.

– Get out of your comfort zone

If you really want to find your passion then you have to test yourself.

– Travel

This is a great way to open up your world, it doesn’t have to be overseas exploring new towns or states can be amazing too, it could help you find your passion with a new outlook.

– Volunteer in your community

This is one of my favourites, give back to the places you love to frequent, help others learn a new skill i.e. reading or cooking, it makes you feel great to give and expect nothing in return but a smile and thank you.

– Try new things with the help of others

Let the people in your community help you explore a new talent; most people love to share their skills.


So I hope this helps setting you on a path to finding your true passion and will inspire you to go out and discover what makes you passionate. If you’ve already found your passion, what is it and how did you discover it? We’d love to hear it!

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