Janis GlassopClient Services Manager

As a very proud mother with 2 beautiful daughters who were born with a degenerative genetic condition, I spent a lot of time in their younger days fighting for their rights and believing that everyone has the right to a good education, care and a safe and loving environment.

Many of us take for granted the things that occur everyday, but there are those among us who are unable to stand up and say ‘No’, or ‘That’s not right’ or ‘We deserve better’. This is not a criticism, just a fact of life. I passionately believe that those of us who can stand up when faced with adversity or hardship should share the benefits of their abilities, and assist those who cannot.

I have done this many times for friends and family, I am a people person, a helper and I love the feeling I get when I see the benefits someone receives because I have been able to assist them.

Working in the field of Financial Advice and specifically Risk Insurance has given me a whole new avenue for being able to help and assist people. Securing your future and that of your family would have to be one of the most important functions we can perform.

I can now indulge my passion for helping others with my career of helping others – it can’t get much better!

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